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The eHarmony brand is one that frequently appears when looking through lists of the finest dating sites. They've got the financial resources, worldwide presence, member counts, and even try to stand out from a noisy dating crowd by relying on science to help you meet your ideal mate. This scientific component makes it so intriguing and gives them uniqueness among other dating sites. 

However, eHarmony's mission goes deeper than matching you with other people based on your personality. They have sixteen years of expertise in the internet dating industry, and they claim responsibility for 438 marriages every single day because of their two hundred countries of operation. Consider this for a moment: if it is true, this strongly suggests that eHarmony is the most effective dating site on the market. Of course, if you define success in online dating as to whether or not you marry someone you meet while browsing the singles site for potential relationship prospects.

eHarmony's internet dating service was initially established by a psychologist who believed that personality testing would give its users the best chance of finding a partner and forming a relationship with only one person they were compatible with for the long haul. Although few other sites utilize similar methods, eHarmony is the best known for this.

The site is easy to navigate and understand, and the mobile app functions effectively. We also appreciated the internet site's smooth and straightforward user experience. When you join up with eHarmony, the most important thing to remember is that you will need time. In our testing, 99 percent of online dating sites have utilized the "quick registration" approach to make the easiest way to join new members, but eHarmony takes the opposite direction.

People who are looking for love, according to their beliefs, are prepared to spend some time (and money) when they know it will improve their chances of finding a partner. Furthermore, there's a case to be made that individuals searching for a site where they could get inside fast are less likely to be serious or engaged in building meaningful communication. They're more likely to be the type of internet dater who registers, provides a minimal amount of information in their profile, and then wonders why they aren't getting responses to their communications.

You have no choice but to spend time and effort on eHarmony sign-up questions, which means that you're required to create a psychological profile of yourself for matching purposes. If you try to skip around, the system will notice, and your registration will be unsuccessful (yes, one of our testers became a little negligent and started selecting random answers - this was detected!). Let us emphasize that if you skip any questions, their system will see it, and your registration will be rejected. You may also be rejected for various reasons, including if you are still married (even if separated) or gay (in which case they suggest using a different site to join).

After that, when filling out the survey for a full 30-40 minutes without skipping questions or falling into the categories mentioned above, it's conceivable that no matches will be found and no entry will be made; reassuringly, the site will tell you not to take it personally! eHarmony is one of the few sites that doesn't just want money but rather "the right kind" of people on their platform. eHarmony's exclusiveness distinguishes it from the competition in the industry.

The questionnaire is simple enough to fill out, and after you've joined the main dating website, eHarmony utilizes your responses to suggest potential matches. After that comes a lot of assistance with early communication with potential dates to spare you the trouble of coming up with something clever to say on your own.

There are numerous posts on the site to assist you in deciding whether or not eHarmony is appropriate for your internet dating needs. Still, at the end of the day, it will come down to how much you believe in scientific knowledge's approach for dating.

Only one of our four testers began the process believing that knowing about people's personalities might guarantee a successful relationship, but at the end of the eHarmony evaluation, they all agreed that relying solely on physical attraction in determining a suitable match was not ideal, so even if science didn't promise long-term love, it couldn't hurt to include it into the first meeting arrangement.


Your chances of finding what you're searching for will be improved by every site membership you have. When it comes to relationships, don't be cheap; use your time and try various choices to get the best results possible)


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