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Friends with Benefits Dating Site Review


So, you want to get into a dating site? Friends with Benefits is a good start. It's got a nice welcoming name and lots of girls. Just pick your location and start shopping around. Is that simple?

Out of the hundreds of dating sights out on the internet, a person needs to be very aware that not all of them are legitimate. Friends with Benefits is a good site, to begin with.

Set up your login and confirm your email. When you do that, you can fill out your profile. Be careful what kind of pictures you put on your page if you are just looking around. A lot of women will try to contact you that you may not want to know. On the Friends with Benefits website, (in many cases NOT-SO-SINGLE), you can find almost anything you’re looking for. As with many like this, you’ll need to include a fee to see more. However, you can browse the members through the search. There’s even an advance search that offers an option or two more.


Interacting with women takes some change in your pocket, though it seems they can send you a message for free from the outside. They have a lot more benefits than men. However, both can fill out a profile and put pictures up. My recommendation is that you take some time with putting pictures up. Slowly over several days, put up one each day. Each day when you add a picture to your profile, change your bio words just a bit one sentence at a time or so, and you'll find that more women hit your profile little by little. You'll have a chance to interact with them in a way where you're not overwhelmed by all the attention. It may be a good idea to create a separate email just for your single account because it will be easier to keep track of emails coming instead of trying to separate them from your regular business or common emails.

When you go to a user's profile, you can check what she's interested in, and read her bio. Some don't write a long one, and some take time to add details about themselves you may enjoy knowing. They also give you an idea of what they're into from their selections of a menu the same as you did when you signed up for the site.



 Checking Up

You can check different areas of your profile and see how it works simply by clicking. See how the girls visit your page and what they set you as. In other words, what they want with you as far as if they like you. You can also indicate if you like them as well by checking the heart on their picture. This will give them an indication that you are interested. You can check the visits to find out who's checking you out. That's always a fun thing for your ego. This menu has many options to check. At the bottom, you can see other members have VIP memberships. They've invested in this type of lifestyle.

 Check Your Messages

Here, you can read some girls' messages to see if they're really interested in you and decide if you want to write back. They can be very nice messages or can be a challenging question.

Click on the picture so that you can see all the messages.

There's a lot of freedom on the Friends with Benefits site that may be a good experience when you want to explore. One of the things about this is when you want to change location to look for available women, it’s no problem. So you’ll get plenty of information on the search alone.

This can help greatly when you really want to find a good profile. Then you can click to get to their page. If you like all that's been written, you can press the little heart to let that girl know that you like her and would like to know her a little more. If she responds, then you have an open door.

Summing It Up

The Friends with Benefits website is a good site. It seems to look as though it's set up to help you find just what you're looking for. They have some restrictions, but all you have to do is be a full member. Then, they'll lift those limits.


They are very fair with limited distributed information and the ability to use the site unless you become a full member. This is typical and right for the website because of the fact that not only do they want to make a little money, but they also want to give you the great experience you're looking for in your searches.

They want to make sure that you have yourself in order with your profile and offer advice on how to do that, so you're not lost in never, neverland.

The amount of freedom they give you even as a non-full member is a breath of knowing the person you may want to engage with. This is a good thing that helps you make the decision whether you want to "Go for it" or not. Freedom is important when it comes to your personal preferences. Friends with Benefits know this. Friends with Benefits gives you ample ways of making the right decision. They also help you change your profile in different ways. One feature is adding pictures and changing locations you want to look for women.


On this website, there are not too many cons at all. It's a good place to visit, however living there will only give you a headache. (You have to turn off the computer sometime and get some sleep.)

At The End of the Day

To wrap up this review, I suggest you try Friends with Benefits for yourself. The ability to find the right person is important so take your time. There are a lot of good girls out there with many different tastes and desires. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the right one, either for right now or for the right reason. Good luck. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds! (Just kidding).

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  • 2023-11-27 05:27:36, Doug (Man, 57)



    Gotta pay per message , cant contact outside"ll never meet the ppl you pay money to talk to.
  • 2023-05-16 02:07:36, Tim MacIsaac (Man, 57)

    This site is a scam


    This site is a scam... computer generated messages, no support... just a good place to waste your time and money on.

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