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Dating Expert Review of Only-Flirts 2024


The "Only Flirts" site owners seem to have a pretty straightforward idea: Meet people, chat, and see if you like it well enough to buy more time. You can't ask for more than that as a single or looking individual.

Setting Up

Set up your profile, and add pictures for free. Talk about yourself in the areas below the pictures. This is a simple website. There is nothing complicated anywhere here. That's why we like it so much.



Nothing is confusing or too busy. There's also plenty of women to see and meet. They're not all putting dirty pictures up, some only add one or two pictures. Watch your email to see when they send a confirmation. There's a bonus. When you confirm your email, you can get free coins.

That's a cool thing. I'll tell you why. Just by signing up, you can meet and greet girls, trade pictures, and be finished before you need to pay for more coins. However, if you run out of coins, there's always going to be the option to buy more. We’ll talk about that in a bit. It’s not too hard to do that.


Nice Features

100 coins allow you experience this simple process as if you are already paying. You can chat a bit with people and experience the site as it's meant to be. As if you were paying, you can give other people your email address, or whatever you like.

When you get into the website, it's all pretty much straightforward. That's another thing we like about Only Flirts.


There are people and profiles. This, is what we call a "Clean" single's site because it's so easy to navigate and work with. Just click on the pictures and see what they're about.  People can designate some of their pictures to be private, and others to be public. They can be revealing, and not so much. The Only Flirts site doesn’t seem to care so much about exactly what is displayed as long as it stays within their guidelines.


When you go into a profile, you may see pictures that they want you to see, or maybe they will show nothing like a profile picture. It depends on how they set up their profile. You can read a bit about them and see what they are into as far as their playtime, or regular activities. So, it's an introduction and a welcoming.

Let’s Browse

Go to browse. Depending on the preferences added to your profile, you can get a limited selection or a large number of girls to choose to check out. You can chat with others while you still have 100 coins. Though it's not easy to calculate what or how much you're spending when you chat, we suggest you try to use your chat time sparingly. You'll be able to reap the full benefits of using the site before those coins run out much better.

Some of the girls have straight names. Others, have names like "Busty Birtha”, be careful that you have the right idea about the site and what it offers before you buy extra coins. Some sites hire girls to get you to use up your coins. These people are paid to keep you interested by chatting you out of coins. Then you will have to buy more. Other people on the site honestly want to meet a nice responsible person. Some people on Only Flirts simply want that Mr. or Mrs. "Right Now". As many other single sites are the same way, so is this one. With this site, however, you have a bit more freedom.


Those who honestly want to find their soulmate make an honest profile. There is a lot of freedom here because of the simplicity of the website. As we said before, “Straight Forward”.


Profiles cover everything from weight and age to smoking or non-smoking. Star signs and sexual preferences have been included with selections in your profile. It's a nice thing to know so that the user doesn't make mistakes. We'd had to think that a straight man looking for a woman would suddenly find himself sending pictures to another man who was Bi-curious, or simply homosexual. Your profile questionaire will ask what you like to do in your leisure time (in the bedroom).


Promoting Yourself

A nice add-on benefit that Only Flirts has is: You can pay a little extra to be promoted by the site for 24hours. You may want to do this if girls aren't sending you enough messages. If you're not finding enough women who you're interested in, there's that little extra push to get you in front of them. Promote yourself and I'm sure your email box will be filled with people sending you messages. As simple as the Only Flirts singles site is, it has a lot of freedom. What do you need for a website to find other people with common interests? Honestly, not much else. So many other sites are filled with so many attractions that it's hard to navigate through. Not this one.

Check the Menu

Надпись: You’ll see in the menu on the far left corner when you click it, that It’s still just as simple. You have options. You have: browse, Speed Date, Pins, Chat, Viewed Me (who’s been looking at your profile), wallet, and more options besides log out. This is pretty much the full site. You’re going to find a lot of ease and comfort in this when it’s straightly about contacting those who have common interests with you.

Suddenly, you’re out of coins! Ok, this is a problem, right? Nope! Just fill it up! That’s going to take a little money. Here’s how to do that.


Suddenly, you’re out of coins!

Ok, this is a problem, right?

Nope! Just fill it up!

That’s going to take a little money.

Here’s how to do that.


Get Yourself Coins

Get yourself 200 coins. It's easy and seamless. Just click in fill-in-the-blank spots. Select the actual number of coins you want if you want more than 200. It's right here.



Again you have to confirm your address so they know it’s you.

Fill in the blanks here than set up your payment with your card.



Only Flirts is made for the beginner looking for someone. There's a good chance finding someone here is as easy as falling off the bed if you roll far enough.

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